USA Today weekend video feature on WayFounder!

Published in USA Today July 27th, 2014 – click HERE for video story link.
Jennifer Jolly, Special for USA TODAY 3:50 a.m. EDT July 27, 2014
Unless you’re obnoxiously affluent, you could probably use a little bit of residual income — especially if you can make that extra cash without changing anything about your daily routine. Whether you’re a thinker, a sharer or an aspiring photographer, there are ways for you to score a bonus paycheck simply by being you.
On any given day, I have 10 genius (if I do say so myself) ideas for new products or businesses that would make the world a better place. For instance, I would love to have a locator beacon for my always missing sunglasses, or headphone cords that never tangle. I swear I’ve thought of ‘the next big thing’ a dozen times …. only to do nothing but kick myself when someone else actually comes out with it.
We all have great ideas and now — and thanks to a new company calledWayFounder — we have a way to actually get something out of all those genius thoughts in our heads.
Through a series of regular competitions, WayFounder seeks out good ideas — people who have the brain power to dream up original business or products, but lack the cash or know-how to get it off the ground.
If your plan is chosen, you’ll score a $10,000 paycheck just for your idea, along with royalties, if WayFounder manages to evolve your concept into a living, breathing business. If your idea really takes off, you’ll score equity in the company you helped dream up, which could mean a healthy payday for life.
Sure, there are other companies that already do this, such as Quirky, and even the TV show Shark Tank. What I like about WayFounder, though, is that there’s a chance you can get paid a pretty penny just for a good idea — without a lot of work.
A huge downside is that not everyone’s ideas can be chosen, meaning you might suffer a heartbreak. However, if you’re one of the lucky few with the right answer to an everyday problem, it could change your life.