Part 2 – Luminary Daily video interview with CEO Damon D’Amore

9 Must Know Tips On How To Succeed As an Entrepreneur
Luminary Daily had the opportunity to pick his brain in an in-depth interview about everything you need to know before embarking on the adventurous journey of becoming an entrepreneur.

Here are the questions we asked and the corresponding time codes to navigate through the video since there is so much valuable information:
0:10 – How do you define an entrepreneur?
0:32 – What does it take to be an entrepreneur?
1:30 – What should I do first if I want to be an entrepreneur?
3:18 – How do I know when I am making progress?
4:38 – What are the 3 most valuable lessons you’ve learned?
6:10 – How do I find the perfect mentor?
7:36 – Is there a direct career path to entrepreneurship?
9:05 – Contact info