CEO & 2nd Generation Lionheart, Prince Lionheart, Inc.
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At the young age of 36, Kelly McConnell, is well on her way to make a lasting impression in the baby product industry. She is at the helm of what was once her parent’s company, Prince Lionheart. She took over the company in 2008 and now manages the global business. Kelly graduated from Stanford in 2000 and was soon off to London to open up the U.K. market for Prince Lionheart. Within six months of her being there, she grew the business to all of Europe. In 2007 she came back to the U.S. so her father could retire. A year later she had her son, which allowed her to see her job in a completely different light. “As a parent, owning a company in the baby industry, you think of design and products differently. I am inspired daily by my son. Not only am I inspired to develop new products, but challenged to develop products that I would actually use with him—products that are safe, innovative, and multi-functional. (Plus they have to look good!) I grew up with Prince Lionheart. My brother and I were the inspiration for many of our greatest products and now our own children are inspiring the next generation of Prince Lionheart”.
Prince Lionheart
We’re parents designing for parents. We know the flawless parenting that’s on TV, but we live the reality. The reality is that some days there’s more cereal on the floor than in the bowl. We would rather let our arm fall asleep than wake a 2 month old baby. And we know the joy of seeing our kids ride a bicycle on the first try. It’s who we are and what we do. We wouldn’t have it any other way.
The Prince Lionheart story began in 1973. We’ve come a long way from Grandma and Grandpa’s garage—expanding, but staying true to our beginnings. We have the integrity of a brand, but the values of a family—our sense as business people and our sense as parents. Each new garage is a new place, but we’re the same family. The McConnells.