Founder of JAM Studios
Expertise: Crowdfunding, Entrepreneurship
Justin Massion is the founder of JAM Studios, a company dedicated to developing new properties across Technology, Entertainment and Design. As a crowdfunding specialist, Justin has helped raise over half a million dollars for various clientele, Justin began crowdfunding by raising over $220,000 as Marketing Director for Marc Zicree’s Space Command on Kickstarter, which reached its goal of $75,000 in the first 3 days of the campaign. He also helped Sean Astinraise over $66,000 for his political radio show, VoxPopuli, and helped Bosse Tools raise over $64,000 for a new line of ergonomic shovels. Justin began his career working for a top industrial industrial design firm, RKS Design, in Thousand Oaks, CA, and later attended Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Full Sail University, and Columbia College of Hollywood, with the goal of learning all the aspects of Media and Entertainment industry. Justin is an active public speaker, having recently spoken on panels for Comic-Con, Film Angels, Angel Launch and Digital LA.
You can find Justin’s video course, “How to Crack the Kickstarter Code” at https://creatorup.com/products/promotion/how-to-crack-the-kickstarter-code/