Previously Chief Marketing Officer of Bombay Company, Chief Marketing Officer of Blockbuster, 17 years at Procter & Gamble, and President and Chairman of the Global Retail Marketing Association.
Expertise: Manufacturing, Retail Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Branding, Packaging, Consumer Products, Traditional Media, CRM, Marketing ROI.
Justin Lewis is an experienced retail C-suite executive and retail marketing consultant.
His career spans 28 years with 17 years in various positions with P&G, including in the areas of Retail, Marketing, Retail Logistics, Consumer Packaging, and Manufacturing. This included time spent living in NorthEast Asia, managing P&G Hair and Health Care categories by overseeing manufacturing facilities throughout Asia and Indonesia.
After P&G he served asChief Marketing Officer with various retailers in the consumer electronics, home entertainment, and home furnishings and accessories industries. In these roles he was successful in driving significant revenue and profit through the development of cutting-edge CRM, top-to-bottom rebranding, private label development, and new business.
Justin also served as President and Chairman of the Global Retail Marketing Association with a primary focus on providing knowledge and skill development among retail chief marketing officers. Justin’s combination of strategic focus, analytics, and disciplined consumer focus provided him with a unique expertise in working with challenged brands with limited resources.
When Justin is not consulting with retail brands, he spends his time designing and building custom furniture. His designs have been featured and sold through galleries and his website.