From the Corporate World to the Entrepreneurial World

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From the Corporate World to the Entrepreneurial World
By Jeffrey Hayzlett
Since I was a kid, I’ve had an entrepreneurial streak. From the time I was young and throughout college I’ve started and owned many companies. I’ve also worked in Fortune 500 companies. While the rewards and challenges of operating a business are often similar, the demands of the start-up can be more daunting and isn’t for everyone. Many times it’s not pretty – and it’s hard work. Read More

Executive Entrepreneurship and the New Breed of Founding CEOs

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You always do want a Founder-CEO. But that person doesn’t always have to be the Founding CEO.” – Reid Hoffman
Ideas have limited value without outstanding execution. Everyone has ideas; some are good and some are not, but a select few people are capable of executing on an idea and creating real value by growing business from a single product or service with traction through the long and winding road to a scalable, sustainable and successful business. It is these people who make startups successful but by definition, and for one reason or another, startups don’t last forever and their proven executors move on. WayFounder bridges this gap and provides an alternative path to startup success.

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The Nontrepreneur Solution

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“Not everyone is an entrepreneur. Still, everyone should try — if only once — to start a business. There is something uniquely educational about sitting at the desk where the buck stops, in a dreary office you’ve just rented, working day and night with a handful of employees just to break even.” – Niall Ferguson
Good ideas come from everywhere. However for most people, without a full-time commitment there are few great options for turning their ideas into a successful product or business. At WayFounder we refer to these people as the Idea Generators of our society – everyday people who conceive solutions to pain points in their lives as consumers but don’t possess the skills, resources or desire to build them into a business. In the investor community we refer to these folks as “Nontrepreneurs.”

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Welcome to WayFounder !

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The dawn of a new startup era
Welcome to the WayFounder beta site!
We are excited to introduce WayFounder to the world and look forward in the coming weeks and months to meeting a number of great entrepreneurs on the way to our full launch later this year.
WayFounder was founded on two core beliefs: first, good ideas come from everywhere – not just specific communities, areas of “startup hotbeds” or institutions. Second, all startups have multiple founding moments, and the key team members vary as a company grows through different lifecycles.

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