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Dog Lovers with Big Ideas Can Win Big Money –

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“A month ago, someone emailed me to promote a new opportunity for people who have a business idea that will make people’s lives easier and one category is for pets.  I misunderstood the email and thought that they were asking me to submit an idea and I’m thankful for that misunderstanding, because last week, I hit Submit on my idea and in a month, I’ll find out if it wins!”
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Finding Your Way: Why Passion is a Key Factor in Entrepreneurship, with Damon D’Amore, CEO of WayFounder (audio/video interview)

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Link to interview at EnchantingLawyer – audio stream on site, download audio podcast in iTunes or watch video of the interview at the bottom of the page.

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“I always hear from the people ‘I don’t have the money to do a start-up or build something’. It’s always the 1% that’s true for; but 99% of people make a conscious choice everyday not to follow their dreams this page.” – Damon D’Amore
From a college drop-out to a VP on Wall Street, to producing hit TV shows, to rocking the start-up world, it’s his relentlessness, commitment, and most importantly passion that got him to where he is today. Damon D’Amore would knock on 20 patent lawyers’ doors until he finds one that will patent his product, because he won’t take disbelief as an answer.

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You could be comfortable now, gathering wealth in your current position but D’Amore reminds those, who are unsure whether or not they are pursing their dreams, that it is okay to “give up” on the great progress you have made so far in your field and explore a whole new identity. His wisdom and stories will stop your hesitation of whether or not you should be chasing after your dream, as well as give you that much needed push towards making things happen.
I like how D’Amore started his introduction with how he “overstayed his welcome” at a community college because his grades suffered; he worked on Wall Street while still going to school at night. He dropped out of college when he figured that it wasn’t the best way for him to learn. It’s a fair representation of lots of students’ lives in America.

“The hardest negative feedback to ignore is from your friends and comes from these stories they hear about entrepreneurs and the real horrible things they endure,” D’Amore continues to say, “You gotta ignore the people that you love as much as the people who respect you at the top of their game.”

In this interview you’ll learn:

00’45” Damon D’Amore’s background and how he developed WayFounder
09’01” Visualization of goals
10’50” What helps with the execution of ideas
18’47” The future of the tech world from D’Amore’s perspective
25’21” D’Amore’s producing experience on The Apprentice and Undercover Boss
37’19” A book recommendation
39’57” Mentorship

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Fast Company article – April 24, 2014

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“Great Ideas” Are Everywhere, But That Doesn’t Mean They Should Be Cheap

Ever had someone tell you ideas are inherently worthless? A company called WayFounder thinks there’s a long tail of “worthless” ideas waiting to be turned into cash.

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WayFounder Announces Judging Panel for National Business Idea Competition

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WayFounder Announces Judging Panel for National Business Idea Competition

Celebrity Guest and Industry Judges to Acquire Next Big Idea in Consumer Products and Mobile Apps in Home and Gardening, Parenting and Pet Categories

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April 10, 2014, Los Angeles — WayFounder has opened its first quarterly online competition, geared at sourcing great ideas from consumers who are not able to assume the risks inherent in founding a new company. The first competition will run for 60 days through June 8, 2014 and will focus on acquiring consumer product and mobile app ideas in Home and Gardening, Baby and Parenting, Pet and “Wild Card,” encompassing all other ideas in different verticals.

Joining the WayFounder executive team, advisory board and investors, guest judges will review submissions based on their expertise in specific competition categories. Judges are also offering entrants an opportunity to support charities related to their industry by allowing consumers to assign a portion of their entry fee to the organization of their choice.

Guest judges participating include:

Katie Cleary, President, Peace4Animals in support of
Linda Cooper, Retail Expert, Co-Host and Executive Producer of the “Live Love Laugh Today Show,” in support of The Family Place
Jesse Draper, CEO of Valley Girl, Inc. and Founder of Valley Girl Ventures in support of
Brett Marz, Co-founder and President, BAMKO
Justin Massion, Founder, JAM Studios
Kelly McConnell, CEO, Prince Lionheart, Inc. in support of K.I.D.S.
Steve Netzley, CEO, Havas Edge
Cynthia Wylie, Founder & CEO, Bloomers in support of Bloomers Schoolyard

WayFounder provides each competition winner with a cash prize of $10,000, a commitment to spend up to $50,000 to bring the product idea to market, and royalties. If a selected product exhibits the promise of scaling up into a product line or even spawning an entire new category of its own, WayFounder commits up to $250,000 to hire an “Executive Entrepreneur,” or a

Founder/CEO with experience in that specific category, to take the business to the next level. The competition winner also receives founder equity in the new company.

“It is a privilege to work with our guest and celebrity judges as their combined experience represents decades of valuable knowledge of taking product ideas from concept to market. For most people with consumer product ideas, access to this caliber of professional is normally difficult to attain. These founders and executives will be reviewing submissions, providing valuable feedback and offering entrants an increased chance of success,” said Founder and CEO of WayFounder Damon D’Amore.
WayFounder was founded on the core belief that successful companies have multiple founding moments and that good ideas come from everywhere, not just traditional “startup hotbeds.”

D’Amore is a former Wall Street trader and broadcast producer for “The Apprentice” and “Undercover Boss.” He has worked with more than 500 of America’s top C-suite executives. In the startup space, D’Amore spent the last three years in two ventures he co-founded in the consumer product and web/mobile spaces. Both experiences were inspirations for WayFounder’s business model.

About WayFounder

Wayfounder is built on the premise that great ideas come from everywhere. People from all walks of life have ideas for solutions to problems that aren’t currently offered by existing products in the market. They work full-time jobs; are students; or may simply lack the time, resources, experience, or capital to realize their vision. Consequently, many of these “Idea Generators” are left with just that, an idea see here.

WayFounder provides a platform and the resources for those ideas with the potential to become a business to succeed and grow into something scalable, sustainable, and lasting. WayFounder will contribute the team, capital, and resources to turn ideas into viable products.

Entrepreneurship, competition, idea generation, product development, startup financing, and distribution are constantly evolving. The founding process also needs to evolve. WayFounder aims to provide opportunity for a new breed of founders. The WayFounder Team and its Advisory Board, with decades of combined experience launching, funding, scaling, and running successful entrepreneurial businesses in consumer categories, ensure that winning ideas have the best chance of success.