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Nontrepreneur (n) – Everyday people who conceive solutions to pain points in their lives as consumers but don’t possess the skills, resources or desire to build them into a business.


Step 1: The Idea

Whether your idea is just a few paragraphs or a detailed plan or prototype, if you’re a Nontrepreneur with a consumer product or app idea, apply to be a WayFounder.


Step 2: WayFounder

WayFounder will provide the platform and resources for those Nontrepreneurs with ideas that have potential to become successful businesses.


Step 3: Idea Selection

$10k prize and a 5% royalty of product sales, plus $50k commitment from WayFounder to bring a first product iteration to market.


Step 4: Success!

Nontrepreneur gets founder equity in the new company, plus $250k growth investment and WayFounder hires a seasoned CEO.

Cash Prize
Royalty on Product Sales
Commitment from WayFounder
Growth Investment

From Idea to Business

Through a series of online competitions, WayFounder sources ideas from all across America, searching for those consumer solutions that may begin their lifecycle as one- off product ideas but have the potential to scale up into a full-fledged business.

A Team of Leaders

The WayFounder team and its Advisory Board—with decades of combined experience launching, funding, scaling, and running successful entrepreneurial businesses— ensure that winning ideas have the best chance of success.

From Concept to Market

WayFounder provides not only financing but also the expertise and execution capabilities to take an idea from concept to market.

Your Idea is Yours

At WayFounder, ideas are vetted by industry professionals, but not in the public domain, so your idea remains just that, your idea. WayFounder keeps your ideas private. Only our internal team and judges are permitted to view your submissions.

A Bigger Slice of the Pie

WayFounder values ideas with a cash payment up-front, revenue-sharing, and equity participation that, in many instances, result in the inventor having a bigger slice of the pie and more financial compensation.

Flexible for Your Lifestyle

WayFounder is looking for great ideas in the early stage from passionate inventors who don’t have the luxury of dropping everything in life and committing full- time to building a business.

Whether it’s a consumer product or a web or mobile app, submit an idea. WayFounder will contribute the team, capital, and resources to build your product.

Together we’ll find the way.